Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment is crucial for maintaining your tires and extending their lifespan.

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About this service

A wheel alignment is a routine car service that involves adjusting the angles of the wheels to match the manufacturer's specifications. Proper alignment ensures that the suspension and steering systems work together at the correct angles, making steering your vehicle easier while preventing excess tire wear. At Big G Tire Pros in Monongahela and Bridgeville, PA, we offer wheel alignments for all vehicle makes and models. With our state-of-the-art Hunter alignment machine, we can handle both cars and trucks with ease.

If you suspect that your tires are out of alignment, bring your vehicle to our shop for an inspection. Our advanced alignment equipment can accurately restore your vehicle's tire alignment to the correct settings. Some signs that your wheels may need an alignment include your car pulling to one side while driving, a vibrating or shaking steering wheel, or uneven and excessive tire wear.

Everyday activities such as driving over speed bumps, hitting potholes or curbs, and collisions can cause your tires to become misaligned. When you bring your vehicle to us for a wheel alignment, our technicians will also inspect your steering and suspension systems to ensure that there are no underlying issues that could affect your vehicle's alignment.

At Big G Tire Pros, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and a hassle-free experience. From routine maintenance to major repairs, our professionals will take excellent care of your vehicle. While waiting for your alignment to be completed, enjoy our lobby area with amenities like our Keurig coffee bar, cold water, complimentary Wi-Fi, TV, and workstations. We also offer a local shuttle service if you need a ride while you wait.

If you need a wheel alignment service in Monongahela and Bridgeville, PA, our experts at Big G Tire Pros are here to assist you. Contact us today or schedule an appointment online for prompt and professional service.

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