Steering and Suspension Repair and Services

Your vehicle's steering and suspension system is essential for maintaining control while driving.

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When you're on the road, your vehicle's steering and suspension system is what keeps you in control. The entire weight of your vehicle is supported by your shocks and steering system. Moreover, your steering system plays a crucial role in providing a safer and smoother ride, ensuring that your tires stay on the road while driving.

It's essential to inspect your steering and suspension system at least once a year, or more frequently, depending on your driving conditions. When you notice the first warning signs of a faulty steering and suspension system, visit our auto repair shop. Our expert technicians will diagnose the problem and fix it quickly. Neglecting these issues could lead to severe safety hazards in the future.

Common warning signs that indicate a need for inspection of your steering and suspension system by our technicians include:

Tire shaking or wanderingDifficulty driving on uneven or bumpy roadsDifficulty steeringSlipping steeringVehicle bouncing after going over bumpsPulling to the side

Our certified technicians can inspect all of your steering and suspension components to ensure that your steering and shocks are functioning correctly. We will also inspect:

Uneven tire wearAlignment issuesPower steering fluidSteering wheel alignmentOut-of-balance tiresImpacts or strutsTightness of bolts and nutsUsed or loose power steering belts

Our expert technicians will also examine your wheel balance and tires to determine whether any issues are tire-related.

Bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop, and our team of professional technicians will take care of your steering and suspension repair needs. Call us today or schedule an appointment online for your next steering and suspension repair and wheel alignment service.

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